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NC Patel continues to remain a role model in Horticulture

Bengaluru: It was a weekday morning and a good number of vehicles of different types were parked in front of a house in Nagadasanahalli, before Rajanukunte on the outskirts of Bengaluru. Much before noon, many well-to-do farmers or landlords’ were found walking out from the big house enjoying the sumptuous non-vegetarian food, while many others kept on coming. This scene kept on continuing and looked like going for the remaining part of the day. The house in the centre of the attraction belonged to the horticulture pioneer NC Patel. Professional interaction: Nagadasanahalli C. Patel is a household name to all those in the old Mysuru region who take up horticulture too seriously and professionally. All those who had assembled were found busy interacting with one another on the stages of different crops in their fields, condition of the crop, expected yield, market situation and things like that all revolving around dry land farming. To an onlooker, it looked so interesting that althou