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Radio Mango draws Konkani listeners worldwide

Radio Mango sent waves in Canada and across the world by becoming the first Radio program in Konkani in North America and the Western hemisphere. It was on 29 September 2012 on FM 101.3 MHz and from that day onwards on every Saturday for six years Konkani programs continued to be aired. Ms Milena Marques-Zachariah originally from Goa and settled in Canada is the Producer and President of Radio Mango, Canada. From Broadcast Media to Advertisement: Alan Sequeira and Wilson Dsouza were her earlier partners. Ms Milena Marques did her Post Graduation in Mass Communications from St Xaviers’ at Mumbai. Though it was a broadcast media-related course she never practised it and entered into the advertisement medium as an Advertisement writer. She met Abraham Zachariah, another writer at FCB ULKA Company in Mumbai. The Goan girl married the Malayalee boy and from then onwards there was no looking back. Ms Milena Marques is full of praises to her husband Abraham Zachariah as she proudly pronounce

Wearing Anti-Viral Mask Only Way to keep the Third Wave Away: Dr Devan PP

After a fatal First wave and another disastrous Second wave of the century's worst-ever Covid-19 pandemic, now the human civilisation is literally on the crossroads amidst the scare of the Third Wave! No doubt, as of now, by and large, the number of cases and deaths are not really at an alarming stage. But in the meantime, the mu Delta variant has made its presence felt paving way for a pandora box on the ways of facing it. For a long, health experts have been repeatedly warning about the dangers accompanied by the third wave. But again just like the previous two years, there look to be no takers for the same, either at the government stage or at the general public level. Dr Devan PP, a Manguluru based eminent Immunologist continues to remain candid in expressing his viewpoints about the urgent ways of addressing the ensuing danger now affecting the children at large. As feared earlier, the number of children getting admitted to the hospitals complaining of running nose is on a new