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Karnataka: Congress set to return to power?

                                                                                         Image Source The much-expected general elections to the Karnataka Assembly slated on Wednesday 10 May is just two days ahead while the possible outcome continues to remain a much-debated topic on all possible public platforms and social networking sites. A forecast of a majority of 17 pre-poll surveys, by and large, favours the Congress party returning to power. The electoral history of the state ever since 1978 has oft registered ousting of the party in power in every election, hinting at the expected results. Anti-incumbency factor remains: Irrespective of the ruling party being national or regional, people of the state continue to remain unanimous in packing off the one at the helm of affairs. In 1978, despite a Janata Party wave all over North India during the 1977 Lok Sabha polls post the draconian Emergency, Indian National Congress (INC) bagged 149 seats followed by 59 of the Janata Party i

No Anti Incumbency, Claims Former CM and Union Minister DV Sadananda Gowda

DV Sadananda Gowda, former chief minister, former Union minister and Bengaluru North Lok Sabha constituency MP is confident about the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), returning to power while pooh-poohing talks about the anti-incumbency factor haunting the present dispensation. In a freewheeling chat, he shared his views about the prospects of his party in the ensuing state Assembly elections. Q: According to some pre-poll surveys the opposition Congress party appears to be having an upper hand. What do you say? DV Sadananda Gowda: No, I don’t think so. Making sound systems will not give the result. Of course, they have got a good gang of Congress leaders who can shout at the BJP, who can create some false narratives against the BJP and who can just find fault at the ruling party, which they have not done for a very long period of time. However, people are very well aware of the activities of the BJP for the past several years and especially after Narendra Modi became the Prime Min

Karnataka Pontiffs become power brokers for ministerial berths

BS Yediyurappa , Karnataka Chief Minister underwent an embarrassing situation Yesterday during a public function at Davanagere when Vachananda Swami, the pontiff of the local Panchamasali sect demanded three ministerial berths in the state cabinet. The yoga teacher turned swami was not content with his single point demand. He warned the chief minister that Murugesh Nirani, former Industries Minister who was also present on the stage, should be inducted to the cabinet at any cost and if not the chief minister will have to face the wrath of the Panchamasali community! This sort of public admonishing made the chief minister being let down and became furious. He pleaded with the swami in his early forties to give suggestions and not warnings and threatened to walk out, giving back the swami in the same coin. However, the former local private TV channel's yoga programmer turned swami directed the CM to stay back and heed to the list of demands. The CM with much reluctance stayed bac

Karnataka INC, JD-S leaders day dreaming about becoming CM's while BJP sets "Operation 2" in motion

T hanks to the political developments at Maharashtra, the Indian National Congress(INC) and Janata Dal-Secular(JD-S) leaders of the state are in a upbeat mood to come back to power by burying the hatchet. However, to upset their day dreaming of returning to power and thwart all mega plans the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party(BJP) is said to have set in motion "Operation Lotus 2". The electioneering campaign for the ensuing 05 December bye-elections to 15 Assembly constituencies began with a dull note but for Siddaramaiah, former chief minister and Congress Legislative Party(CLP) leader taking the lead all alone in a whirlwind fashion. Interestingly as the day of public campaigning ends by tomorrow evening, Siddaramaiah by and large has remained all alone in campaigning for the party candidates. Many a party senior leader have chose it wise to abstain themselves from joining hands with the former chief minister elevated as CLP leader soon after the fall of JDS-INC coalition go

Karnataka bye-polls: Ruling BJP poised for a clean sweep?

T he ruling Bharatiya Janata Party(BJP) looks to be poised for a comfortable win in a majority of the 15 state Assembly constituencies wherein bye-polls are scheduled on coming Thursday 05 December. However, Rajarajeshwarinagar in Bengaluru city and Maski constituency in Raichuru district are not included in this phase of bye-polls as the defeated BJP candidates have contested the victory of the then rival Congress candidates in both these constituencies during the May 2018 general elections. A lot of dust has been created among the BJP, INC and JD-S leaders who have been overbusy these days by washing linen in public during the electioneering campaign which is getting over in the next couple of days. Although the polling process is slated to be over on 05 December, the results will be known only on next Monday, 09 December when the Electronic Voting Machines(EVM's) will be unlocked for counting of votes. These bye-elections made inevitable due to the resignations of 14 Indi

Karnataka: 100 days of uneasiness, embarrassment and humiliation of BS Yediyurappa

The BS Yediyurappa led Bharatiya Janata Party(BJP) government in the state has managed to complete 100 days in office despite several hurdles all along the way.Looking back at those 100 days will not pave way for a pleasant memory either to partymen nor the onlookers. In fact, from day one itself, the saffron party's mass leader is embroiled into several instances of uneasiness, embarrassment and humiliation! For being the legislative party leader by the virtue of also being the opposition leader there was no necessity for the then party in the opposition benches to reelect him again as the floor leader to be sworn in as the new chief minister. As expected BS Yediyurappa took the oath of office and secrecy as the new chief minister after the HD Kumaraswamy led Janata Dal-Secular(JD-S)-Indian National Congress(INC) alliance government failed to prove its majority in the state Assembly Such a change over was made possible, thanks to the resignation of 14 Congress and three

Karnataka farmers agitate for Mahadayi waters while BSY assures Krishna waters to Maharashtra!

BS Yediyurappa , Karnataka Chief Minister today stirred a hornet's nest while addressing a Bharatiya Janata Party-Shivsena electoral campaign public meeting at Jatta town belonging to Solapur district in Maharashtra. The lone saffron party mass leader of the neighbouring state gave a clarion call to Kannadigas settled in the bordering districts to vote for the Shivsena candidate in the ensuing Maharashtra Assembly elections to ensure fulfilment of their long-standing demands including release of Krishna River waters from the Alamatti dam of Vijayapura district.Perhaps it was a magnanimous gesture for a chief minister of an adjoining state to declare the release of water for the parched areas of Solapur district. But the timing proved to be unwise. The farmers of North Karnataka, including hundreds of women clad in green sarees, have descended in Bengaluru this morning to press for their age-old demand of release of Mahadayi River waters to regions of Belagavi, Dharwad and Gada

Karnataka: Government, Party and CM change but pathetic plight of floodwaters victims worsens further!

I t's exactly 56 days since the BS Yediyurappa led Bharatiya Janata Party(BJP) government came into existence but the plight of tens of thousands of floodwater victims in the Northern districts continues to worsen with no indications of the situation changing for better. The devastation due to incessant heavy rains is not limited to the Northern Karnataka alone. Many districts of the old Mysuru, Coastal and Malnad region have also experienced the fury of rain God in the worst possible manner. But succour to the people in distress continues to elude like a distant mirage. Interestingly and unfortunately this happens to be a sad state of affairs in spite of the same party government, both at the state level as well as in the centre.The state Bharatiya Janata Party(BJP) had all along been propagating for the same party governments at the state and centre. Such drum beating was no less during the previous general elections to the state Assembly during May 2018 polls. In spite of

Karnataka BJP's differences come into open

( Photo:ANI ) N alin Kumar Kateel , three times Member of Parliament from South Canara(Mangaluru) Lok Sabha constituency took over as the new president of the state Bharatiya Janata Party this morning at the party office Bengaluru. BS Yediyurappa outgoing president and Chief Minister handed over the mantle by transferring the party flag and wishing him a fruitful tenure. He also felicitated the new president with a gorgeous silk shawl, traditional garland and a memento. No doubt it was a joyous occasion and celebration for the new president as he had restricted himself as a leader of the coastal belt of South Canara and Udupi districts so far by his fiery and equally controversial speeches. However, it's altogether sweet and sour feeling for the average party workers' who continue to remain the backbone of the party. 17 new ministers were sworn in only a week back but for some of them, it wasn't any important function to attend. R Ashoka, Revenue Minister and former D

Karnataka BJP's public image takes a severe beating

T he BS Yediyurappa led one-month-old Bharatiya Janata Party government is in the news these days for all the wrong reasons. The party's public image no doubt has taken a back seat following such piquant situation! For whatsoever reasons warranting such an adverse situation, the ordinary workers, sympathisers and leaders appear to be undergoing an uneasy calm as a fallout of such a plight. Interestingly or rather hopelessly, this strange turnabout of things has taken shape since the very day BS Yediyurappa was sworn in as the Chief Minister on 26 July 2019. Although he took over the oath of office and secrecy on 26 July, he had to wait till 20 August for getting a nod to expand his lone member cabinet! And till that period he went on touring the flood-affected areas all alone in the capacity of a CM without any members in his cabinet. This plight was enough for the opposition Indian National Congress(INC) and Janata-Dal Secular(JD-S) leaders to have a dig now and then at the f

Karnataka : Seniors rewarded while dissidents angry for being left out

T he 25 days old lone member BS Yediyurappa led Bharatiya Janata Party cabinet in the state has at last been expanded today with the induction of 17 new cabinet ministers. Among them include 11 former ministers including Jagadish Shettar, former chief minister and two Deputy chief ministers , R Ashok and KS Eshwarappa . The other former ministers include S Sureshkumar, V Somanna, Govind Karajol, LS Savadi, Basavaraj Bommai, B Sriramulu, CC Patil, Kota Sreenivas Pujari and H Nagesh.The first time ministers are Dr Ashwathnarayan CN, CT Ravi, JC Madhuswamy, Prabhu Chavan and Ms Shashikala Annasaheb Jolle.15 members of the state Assembly have joined the cabinet while Kota Sreenivas Pujari, leader of the house in the state legislative Council is the lone member representing the upper house. However, Lakshman Sangappa Savadi, former cooperation minister in the DV Sadanandagowda ministry and who is not a member of either of the houses has made it to the cabinet. It may als

Karnataka: BSY may manage majority, but what about stability?

T he BS Yeddyurappa led Bharatiya Janata Party government may not find it a big problem to prove its majority on the floor of the house on Monday, July 29 July. But how long and how far it will be able to provide stability looks to be a major challenge to the party managers. Thanks to the 13 Indian National Congress(INC) and three Janata Dal-Secular(JD-S) MLAs', who have chosen to remain far away from the proceedings of the state Assembly as well as the state itself, there is no possibility of immediate danger to the BJP government. BS Yeddyurappa is also thinking of forming the cabinet after proving his majority in the state Assembly. As of now the strength of the ruling party is 105 while that of the opposition INC-JD-S is 100 including the KR Rameshkumar, Speaker. The speaker usually casts his vote when there is a tie and prefers to remain neutral when the situation doesn't warrant his vote to be polled. In the present circumstances, he has no necessity for the same. On

BSY CM for 4th time; but how long this time?

Bookanakere Siddalingappa Yeddyurappa(76) of the Bharatiya Janata Party was sworn in as the 24th Karnataka Chief Minister this evening on the lawns of Raj Bhavan. He is becoming the chief minister of the state for the fourth time. Governor Vajubhai Vala administered him the oath of office and secrecy.BS Yeddyurappa was sporting his traditional white safari and a green shawl on his shoulders. He alone took the oath and was not accompanied by any ministers. He became the chief minister for the first time on 12 November 2007 only to quit the post within a week on 19 November as the HD Kumaraswamy led Janata Dal-Secular legislature party refused to extend support under a pact of sharing power 20-20 months each.In the subsequent midterm elections, the JD-S not handing over power to the BJP itself became a big electoral issue paving way for a BJP led government in 2008.In that way, he led the first Bharatiya Janata Party government of any South Indian state and thus Karnataka began the g

BS Yeddyurappa sworn in as CM

ImageSource: Bookanakere Siddalingappa Yeddyurappa (76) of the Bharatiya Janata Party was sworn in as the 24th Karnataka Chief Minister this evening on the lawns of Raj Bhavan. He is becoming the chief minister of the state for the fourth time. Governor Vajubhai Vala administered him the oath of office and secrecy. BS Yeddyurappa alone was sworn in and no cabinet ministers accompanied the chief minister during the swearing-in ceremony. He took oath in the name of God.He was sporting as his usual white safari and was wearing a green shawl to depict his commitment to the farming community. The designate chief minister had appealed leaders of both, Janata Dal-Secular(JD-S) and Indian National Congress(INC) parties to take part in the swearing-in function. However, none of them turned up.BL Santosh, National Organizing General Secretary of BJP and P Muralidhar Rao, party in charge of the state represented the party high command on this occasion. Almost all party MPs&

Karnataka BJP grabs power but same old challenges continue to haunt the saffron party

B haratiya Janata Party(BJP) has at last succeeded in its seventh attempt, thanks to ‘Operation Lotus’, to dislodge the 14 months old HD Kumaraswamy led Janata Dal-Secular(JD-S) and Indian National Congress(INC) coalition parties state government. Perhaps the big difference this final time was that the mission was kept as a closely guarded secret, unlike the previous six times when all the BJP leaders, top and sundry kept on announcing day in and day out that the JDS-INC government is going to fall! BS Yeddyurappa was sworn in as the Chief Minister for the third time soon after the May 2018 Assembly elections although the party had won only in 104 seats and was far away from the magical 113 number to prove the majority. ImageSource: To suit the challenge before the party, Governor Vajubhai Vala gave a long rope of two weeks period to prove the majority. Irked by this prolonged time frame, both the Congress and JDS approached the Supreme Court.Probably for the firs

Karnataka political drama ends paving way for a BJP government

ImageSource: T he 14 months old HD Kumaraswamy led Janata Dal-Secular(JD-S) and Indian National Congress(INC) coalition government, as expected lost its vote of confidence motion on the floor of the house this evening, paving way for a Bharatiya Janata Party-led new government. The vote of confidence motion moved by HD Kumaraswamy, Chief Minister received 99 votes while 105 votes were polled against the same. 20 MLAs' belonging to the ruling JDS-INC combine, including stayed away from the proceedings while KR Rameshkumar, speaker opted not to vote. 103 is the magical number required in the present circumstances and the present alliance struggled to muster a strength of only 99. It may be recollected here that although the Monsoon session of the state Assembly commenced from 12 July, the main opposition Bharatiya Janata Party insisted on a floor test on the pretext that the ruling combine had lost the majority.Initially, HD Kumaraswamy had claimed of se

Karnataka people continue to suffer while MLAs' relish in five star luxury

T he state is reeling under severe drought conditions with people suffering from drinking water and scarcity of fodder but the people whom they elected as their representatives have no time to listen to their woes as they are overbusy in their political games! ImageSource: This is not for the first time that the state is witnessing such a wreckless situation as it was also the same pathetic plight during October 2009 when a Bharatiya Janata Party government was in office. Then BS Yeddyurappa was the chief minister and Gali Janardhan Reddy, Tourism minister in his cabinet.An ordinary head constable's son turned mining baron, G Janardhan Reddy had literally taken the BS Yeddyurappa led BJP government for a toss as he chose to fly to Hyderabad and Goa along with more than 40 ruling party MLAs' to rebel against the 'dictatorial attitude' of the chief minister. Then most regions of the North Karnataka were marooned due to heavy rains and rapid floods ther

Countdown for Karnataka JDS-INC government begins

T he HD Kumaraswamy led Janata Dal Secular-Congress coalition government which had been literally walking on a tight rope ever since it came to power in May 2018 now appears to be on the death bed, thanks to the exit polls indicating a National Democratic Alliance(NDA) government romping back at the Center.In fact the outcome of the Lok Sabha elections in the state according to the pollsters is no good news either to the sworn enemies turned partners for power. It has been projected that the Bharatiya Janata Party, currently the main opposition party is likely to emerge victorious in about 16-23 constituencies out of the total number of 28 seats. Indian National Congress(INC) is being told to win in 6-8 and the Janata Dal Secular(JDS) in 1-2 seats, and such survey results much before the formal process of counting of votes has rattled both the ruling party leaders. HD Kumaraswamy, Chief Minister who was scheduled to be in New Delhi to be part of the opposition protest has suddenly ca