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2024 Lok Sabha Polls: Issues Come To The Fore

Bengaluru: Perhaps for the first ever time in the poll history of Karnataka the electorate of the state is engrossed with issues from whatever sense you try to look at. Thanks to the announcement of the five guarantees by the Indian National Congress (INC) on the eve of the May 2023 Assembly elections and the subsequent implementation have given rise to discussions on the public platforms over the same. Five guarantees lead to victory: According to a survey conducted by, an online Kannada portal the five guarantees of the Congress have been showered with an overwhelming drifting of votes in its favour in the last general elections. Interestingly now, the same five guarantees have transformed into a hot topic for discussion in the current Parliamentary verdict. Freebies pave way for imbroglio: The populist welfare schemes like Gruha Jyothi extending 200 units of free electricity to every household, Gruha Lakshmi giving Rs 2,000/- to women head of BPL family, Anna Bhagya di