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Today's Words: Dendroglyph, Nebulous, Desuetude

Dendroglyph [  den -droh-glif ]    noun an image, message, or symbol carved into a tree, especially by Indigenous people and often hundreds of years old, providing cultural and historical information not available from other sources . More about Dendroglyph Coined in 1918 by Australian Curator Robert Etheridge, Jr. Formed from  dendro -, “tree,” and glyph, “carving,” This term replaced the earlier term  arborglyph . Examples of Dendroglyph  Walking through the ancient forest, we stumbled upon a mysterious  dendroglyph  carved into the trunk of a mighty oak tree. Conservation efforts were put in place to protect the valuable history preserved in each delicate  dendroglyph  scattered throughout the woodland. Nebulous [  neb -y uh -l uh s ]    adjective hazy, vague, indistinct, or confused . More about Nebulous First recorded in 1375–1425. Comes from late Middle English from the Latin word  nebulōsus , meaning “full of mist, foggy, cloudy.” Nebulōsus  comes from  nebul ( a ) “cloud, mist,

Vote and Spread the Importance of Voting

Vote and Spread the Importance of Voting A ll the B eloved C itizens come and do your D uty to E nsure that your F uture is in G enuine and resposible H ands which is so I mportant. J ust K eep your L ong leave plans aside and M ake sure you will N ot miss the O pportunity of P ressing the button Q uietly thereby discharging your R esponsibility. Also S pread the message T o the U naware V oters as to not W aste their X tremely important vote & do Y our bit in building the future of this Z ealous nation Vote and spread the importance of voting. Courtesy: Anonymous