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Challenges in the Career of a Wildlife Veterinarian

  Being a veterinarian is a very passionate and compassionate job by itself. Veterinarians are trained to communicate with the patient owner and examine the patient to come up with a diagnosis and treatment regime. There are various diversities a veterinarian can venture out apart from the regular small and large animal practice, viz. disease diagnosis, vaccine production, pathology, poultry sciences, dairy industry, applied sciences, laboratory animal, one health programs, wildlife, forensics etc. Career of a  wildlife veterinarian:  I have chosen my career to be a wildlife veterinarian, wherein I get to practice with wild animals both in captivity and free-ranging. My inspiration started when I was in school where my father took me to the forests of the western ghats for his research projects. As my interest grew, I started going for elephant, and tiger census in the western ghats and then volunteered with CWS for a while. In the meantime, I started to pursue veterinary school. Soon