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Polling Continues to Dip in Three Bengaluru Lok Sabha Constituencies

Bengaluru: Bengalureans continue to remain indifferent to the general elections by preferring to forget their duty to vote as evinced on Friday 26 April. This stance, by and large, has continued to remain so and also sadly for decades.   Second-class polling in the first-class city: S Suresh Kumar, former BJP Minister and Rajajinagar MLA laments over the sad development. He also relents at the predicament as 'Second-class polling in the first-class city' and claims to humbly receive the 'commemorative letter' and puts forth the following opinion: 1. Pleaded for polling days several times: Maybe, I pleaded with the election commission against having the polling days on Friday, Saturday, Sunday or Monday. If Friday is the polling day, it will also be declared as a holiday thereby tempting many people to utilize the same as a long weekend for personal leisure and pleasure. It is quite natural as well. 2. Need for a sub booth: Among some polling booths, for instance, th