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Ashok Deshpande: An Unsung Hero Even During Lifetime

Ashok Venkatesh Deshpande, who passed away, recently remained a silent worker all along throughout his life and was literally an unsung hero even during his lifetime. All those who came in touch during different intervals point out his attitude of remaining unattached to typical worldly materialistic pleasures unlike most of the people of his times. Philanthropist since young age: Ashok Deshpande, according to Sadanand Hiremath, his acquaintance from 1968 and until the former’s demise, had developed the tendency of being philanthropic right from a very young age. Thanks to being influenced by the teachings and practices of Mahatma Gandhi and Acharya Vinoba Bhave, Ashok Deshpande was always abuzz with activities related to cleanliness and sanitation in schools, colleges and villages. Eco-friendly toilets in villages: Sadanand Hiremath recalls-“Ashok Deshpande was involved in activities related to creating awareness about health, sanitation and eco-friendly toilets in rural areas since