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Today's Words: Redondilla, Heliolatry and Noetic

Redondilla (re-dawn-dee-lyah) Noun A Spanish verse form in which each stanza consists of four lines, each with eight syllables, and a rhyme scheme abba More about Redondilla First used in 1830–40. Directly from Spanish, equivalent to redond(o), “round” (<Latin rotundus) + –illa, diminutive suffix. Examples of Redondilla The poet skillfully composed a redondilla, adhering to its ABBA rhyme scheme. The collection featured several redondillas, showcasing the versatility and expressiveness of this poetic form. Heliolatry (hee-lee-ol-uh-tree) Noun worship of the sun More about Heliolatry First recorded in 1820–30. Formed from helio-, "sun" + -latry, a combing form occurring in loanwords from Greek (cf. idolatry).   Examples of Heliolatry The ancient Egyptians practised heliolatry, honouring the sun god Ra as a deity of great power. The Inca practised heliolatry by venerating Inti, the sun god, as the source of life and fertility. Noetic (noh-et-ik) Adjective of or relating to t