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Jignesh Mevani faces an uphill battle in Vadgam

Jignesh Mevani, a former journalist turned activist, politician, Independent MLA and has evolved into an icon for Dalit youths, activists across the country. As of now, he is witnessing an uphill task in his reserved home constituency Vadgam in Banaskantha district which went to polls on Monday. The former Independent legislator is now an Indian National Congress (INC) candidate. Jignesh Mevani Former sympathizer turns BJP rival: Although Jignesh Mevani got elected as an Independent contestant in the 2017 general elections, he had blessings from the Congress party which supported his candidature by abstaining from fielding its candidate. The former Vadgam Congress MLA Manilal Vaghela was shifted to the neighbouring Idar constituency where he was defeated. However, this time the same Manilal Vaghela who had wholeheartedly extended support has now turned an opponent by being a Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) candidate. He quit Congress in November 2021 and joined the BJP in April 2022. Anti

Gujarat: Congress may increase its tally

The Indian National Congress (INC), which has been continuously sulking election after election for the past 27 years has reasons to smile. This time as the top echelons of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), the party in power is of the perception that the permanent opposition party is set to wrest more than 10-12 seats than its present strength of 60.                                                                            Image Source: Wikipedia   Congress to go upward: In fact, the Congress had won in 77 seats last time, but thanks to Operation Lotus, 17 of them just walked away into the ruling party for green pastures. Going by the popular mood and pre-poll surveys of many a media outlet and acceptance of none other than the BJP itself, Congress is said to be increasing its tally compared to the present strength. BJP hint increase of INC seats: BJP top leaders themselves confide that the Congress party looks like increasing its party strength in the state Assembly. A senior AICC

AAP aims to become a national party by garnering Six percent of the votes

The entry of Aam Adami Party (AAP) headed by Arvind Kejriwal, Chief Minister of New Delhi and AAP National Convener into the electoral politics of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s home state Gujarat has raised the eyebrows of many a political onlooker more than the average voter. Although the party leaders publicly boast of unseating the 27years old BJP regime the real big dream of them is to garner at least six percent of the vote share to entitle themselves to a new national party. Image Source: ANI photo BJP and INC vote share intact so far: Interestingly in Gujarat, the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) in power for the last 27 years, and the Indian National Congress (INC), the opposition party for the same period of time continue to enjoy the same trends of the voter base. In 2017 Congress almost came close to corridors of power with 77 seats and 42 percent of the vote share. But, it remained uneven in comparison to its adversary BJP with 99 seats and 48 percent of votes. Questi

Gujarat: Ruling BJP confident of returning for the Seventh consecutive term

Polling is on to 89 out of the total 182 constituencies for the Gujarat state Assembly while the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) portrays an exuberant posture of returning back to the reins of power for a record consecutive Seventh tenure. The only change in the situation this time is that the Aam Adami Party (AAP) is also in the fray along with the traditional rivals BJP and Indian National Congress (INC). Image Source: INDIA TV South Gujarat, Saurashtra: South Gujarat comprising a large tract of tribal belt continues to remain a strong BJP bastion. However, the Saurashtra region which suffered a humiliating defeat in 17 constituencies due to the Patidar agitation led by Hardik Patel is headed for a show of strength. Hardik Patel, who had created ripples within the ruling regime during the last general elections has robed with saffron attire and is contesting on a BJP ticket making a turnaround in the electoral scenario. Hardik tipped to become a Minister: Hardik Patel, despite

Karnataka: Familocracy buries Democracy in LC Elections

The results of the 25 constituencies on Tuesday from the local bodies to the state Legislative Council have exposed tall claims of all parties in support of Democracy. On the other hand, they have become an eye-opener on the sorry state of affairs prevailing in the state of Karnataka. Familocracy with loads of money bags and muscle power has not just bulldozed the significance of the largest Democracy but literally buried it! 11 each to BJP, INC and Two to JD-S: For record sake, both the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), Indian National Congress (INC) won in 11 seats each and the Janata Dal-Secular (JD-S) had to remain content with a couple of them. Independent trounces official BJP candidate: However, as expected and feared in some quarters of the ruling BJP, Lakhan Jarkiholi, younger brother of Ramesh Jarkiholi, Satish Jarkiholi and Balachandra Jarkiholi, all MLAs’ contested as an Independent and emerged victorious defeating Mahantesh Kavatagimath. The latter was also the chief wh

Thanks to exit polls, BJP bashers at the receiving end!

 T he outcome of multiple exit polls have proved the Bharatiya Janata Party bashers otherwise as almost all exit poll surveys have projected the return of a National Democratic Alliance(NDA) government at the centre much to the heartburn of Congress and several other parties under multiple banners! image source: The projection has also come at a time when the situation in the saffron camp, by and large, looked like dull and devoid of any mood to rejoice. Interestingly, if at all most of these surveys were to come true as made public it would go into the annals of history as a landmark verdict as the BJP has never won a second tenure continuously so far. But a notable characteristic which demands mention about the current mandate is the U-turn of many of the pollsters much before the actual polls. Most of the surveys had almost written off the BJP from the main Hindi belt comprising of the cow belt. But the revelations if also realising into reality have altoge

Janata Dal Secular party geared up to spring surprise in three constituencies

T he ruling Janata Dal Secular party much contrary to the general public perception is said to be making all out last ditch efforts to register a win in Mandya,Tumakuru and Hassan Lok Sabha constituencies if not the remaining other three constituencies having party candidates. Image source: There are several reasons being put forth by the party bigwigs for anticipating such big surprise outcome quite contrary to the perceived notions being projected so for on local private TV channels and the social media. A couple of TV channels have also aired the survey 'findings' about these three key constituencies which have suddenly become a cynosure to all political onlookers not in the host state alone but elsewhere across the country and abroad as well. While one channel which also holds the dubious distinction of being 'bought' over by the ruling party proclaimed that Nikhil Kumaraswamy,actor son of HD Kumaraswamy,Chief Minister will win by a hu

DNA statement paves way for debate on 'dynastic politics'

W hile the typical summer heat in the state has aggravated following the additional heat generated by the hectic electioneering campaign by rival parties the social media is abuzz over pro and against outbursts on 'dynastic politics'.BL Santosh,National Co-Organization Secretary of the Bharatiya Janata Party in a way triggered the controversy while defending the party's stance of denying ticket to Ms Tejasvini Ananthkumar to contest from Bengaluru South Lok Sabha constituency. It may be recalled here that the deceased Union Fertilizers,Petrochemicals and Parliamentary Affairs Minister HN Ananthkumar had successively represented the constituency for a record number of six times.He told a media conference at Chamarajnagar,a couple of days back that the party preferred Tejasvi Surya to contest from Bengaluru South keeping the overall interests of the party for the next three decades in mind.At the same time he also claimed:If at all tickets are handed over on the basis of gen

BJP set to win 22 seats in Karnataka according to Intelligence reports

T he Bharatiya Janata Party is set to give its highest toll of 22 Lok Sabha seats to the kitty of the saffron party in the ensuing general elections from the state according to the Intelligence Department sources.This number doesn't include Mandya wherein Ms Sumalatha,the BJP supported candidate is also projected to register victory. image source According to this report HD Devegowda,former Prime Minister and Janata Dal Secular party supremo,M Veerappa Moily,former Chief Minister and Mallikarjun Kharge,leader of the Congress group in Lok Sabha are expected to lose while Ms Sumalatha,multilingual film star and a political novice has been reported to spring a surprise by winning from Mandya. On the other hand the Indian National Congress(INC) party has to remain content with four seats while the Janata Dal Secular(JDS) will be left only with Hassan,the traditional bastion of HD Devegowda,the former prime minister from where Prajwal Revanna,his grandson is

BN Bache Gowda of the BJP waiting to bounce back with a huge margin in Chikballapur

   C hikballapur Lok Sabha constituency bordering the districts of neighboring Andhra Pradesh is by and large typical to the scenario of the adjoining region.The district is notoriously known for its extreme climate,depleting ground water table,exploitation of natural resources and at the same time the tireless efforts of the peasant community. Irrespective of the adverse factors all along the farmers here go out of the way to get the maximum yield with the help of the minimum water they are left with these days.The district continues to occupy the number one position along with Kolar in the production of milk,grapes,silk,leafy and other vegetables coupled by horticultural products. Chikballapur district was carved from the erstwhile undivided Kolar district on 23 August 2007 and by and large Telugu is the language for communication at home and elsewhere although the natives are quiet fluent in Kannada as well. Sir Mokshagundam Visvesvarayya,the legendary visionary state

Sumalatha set in to create history from Mandya ?

S umalatha,multilingual film star turned Independent candidate from Mandya Lok Sabha constituency has become subject matter for hot discussion in political circles these days while the mammoth turn out of fans during her filing of nomination papers last week has sent shock waves to the top brass of ruling Janata Dal Secular party. image source : All these days she had preferred to be in the side wings of main stream politics as long as her late husband,actor MH Ambareesh played an active role.But after his demise a few months back,just like typical movie style she declared her intention of plunging into real politics only to serve the people of Mandya.Her defense for such a sudden decision was:The local people have heaped tremendous love,faith and affection to Ambareesh during his life time and the same was replicated in multiple folds when he passed away.Perhaps the only way to pay it back is to seek an opportunity to serve them. On the face