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Sarcopenia: Let's start walking today

  SARCOPENIA: What is the biological phenomenon that appears in humans with gradual loss of muscle mass, strength and function when they are growing older? This is known as Sarcopenia! Sarcopenia is a gradual loss of muscle mass, strength and function... the loss of skeletal muscle mass and strength as a result of ageing... The situation may be terrible, depending on the individual. Let's explore & analyze multiple ways to prevent sarcopenia thus: 1. Develop the habit, if you're able to stand... just don't sit, and don't lie down if you can sit! 2. Whenever an elderly person falls ill and gets admitted to the hospital, do not ask him/her for more rest, or to lie down, relax and/or not get out of bed... It's not helpful. Help them take a walk... Except if they lost the stamina to do so. Lying down for a week causes loss of at least 5% of muscle mass! And unfortunately, the elderly can't recover the lost muscles!  Usually, most seniors/elderly who hire assista