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Ukraine medical education more friendly: Dr SR Narahari, Dr Prasanna Kodimoole

While the country is trying to take a grip on the fallout of the turn of developments in Ukraine following the Russian military attack, the debate over Indian students making a beeline to that country keeps going unabated. If lack of enough seats in the general category is attributed as the main cause for the native students craving to reach Ukraine and other such countries, there is also an opinion that the courses elsewhere are damn cheap. Ukraine medical education is far cheaper than in India: Today we have Dr SR Narahari MD; DVD, head of the Institute of Applied Dermatology (IAD) in Kasargod, Kerala and his dermatologist wife Dr Prasanna sharing their viewpoints on the present predicament concerning the medical education aspirants of the country. They feel that medical education in Ukraine is far cheaper than in India. They have also dwelt with many other factors revolving around the present crisis. Here, we go for their comments: Selection based on the aptitude to learn: Dr SR N

Ukraine and other foreign MBBS graduates fail in FMGE

The Ukraine crisis has paved way for a variety of issues related to the Medical profession, including the admission system, Private Medical colleges owned by politicians of all parties minting money, state and central governments becoming puppets by the capitation mafia and the foreign Medical graduates failing miserably in the Foreign Medical Graduates Examination(FMGE) etc. image source: 16.01 lakh candidates for 90,000 seats! Apart from the craving like mental conditions of many a parent wanting their wards to become doctors, the prevailing situation is also posing a real big challenge for serious contenders as well. According to recent statistics disclosed by a senior neurosurgeon with more than three decades of experience wishing to remain anonymous, "the number of students wishing to become doctors exceeds the number of seats available in India. For instance, as per the data provided by the Medical Council of India(MCI) and Ministry of Health and Family Welfare,