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K. Narayanrao, master in creating Gods with concrete materials

Septuagenarian Narayanrao Kavatekar, popularly known as K Narayanrao, over a period of time, has mastered the art of creating various Gods with the help of building construction materials like sand, cement and iron. This may sound interesting to you for having been used to Gods in stone since ancient times and these days with glass, wood, plastic materials and plaster of Paris, among many others. A family heritage of artists and sculptors: According to Vishal Kavatekar, faculty in College of Fine Arts, Karnataka Chitra Kala Parishat, Bengaluru and son of K Narayanrao-“Ours is a family with a background and heritage of artists and sculptors. In fact, our father Narayanrao’s grandfather (mother’s father) Tippaji of Shikaripur is a well-revered name in the history of the state’s traditional fine art forms. He was not just well versed in almost all forms of traditional arts practised during that period but went a step further in emerging innovation in comparison to the styles in practice.