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Inactivity is a More Dangerous Pandemic: Pramod Deshpande

Bengaluru: Pramod Deshpande, originally from Pune is a software professional turned fitness expert with structured training helping people run irrespective of their advanced age. He heads the Jayanagar Jaguars Academy headquartered at Jayanagar in Bengaluru, which has evolved into a household name for all those enthusiastic and fond of running to keep fit. He dwelt in detail about the journey of Jayanagar Jaguars in an interaction recently. Excerpts from the interview: How did Jayanagar Jaguars Academy come into being? Pramod Deshpande: Jayanagar Jaguars is a Running Academy we no longer call it a group because we do a very well-structured and proper training, whereas in a running group you come, run and go home. Here, there is a program with scientific training and a lot of other exercises, etc. I joined Jayanagar Jaguars around 2013 when it was only a running group; people used to come and run but there was no structured program. So, it was in 2014 when I suggested that we do somet

Neeraj Kumar Prajapati Completes 4200 Kilometres Mission Millets Cycle Ride

Neeraj Kumar Prajapati, popularly known as "The Bicycle Man of India" and "The Bicycle Man of Agriculture" today added another feather to his cap by completing his 4,200 kilometres journey from Kashmir to Kanyakumari(K2) Mission Millets (M2) Promotion Cycle Ride as scheduled. He undertook this unique mission on the eve of the International Year of Millets celebrated throughout the year 2023. 1,11,111 kilometres to promote organic farming: In fact, the Kashmir to Kanyakumari bicycle ride is his second such feat. The first part of the ambitious project was to cover 1,11,111 kilometres on his organic bicycle with the primary objective of raising awareness about organic farming, hitherto unheard of in India or elsewhere across the globe. An alarming proportion prevalence of Cancer in Bhatinda triggered him to undertake the hitherto unheard journey and that too on a bicycle. His earlier cycle mission was launched in April 2019. A native of Sonepat district in Haryana: N