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Relaxing of lockdown will lead to spurt in Covid-19 cases, warn health experts

W hen the whole world is embroiled and perplexed with the challenges entangled in combating the deadly China originated Coronavirus pandemic the country is now faced with the woes of relaxing lockdown stipulations. Interestingly these measures are being thought of when there is a gradual surge in the number of infections and fatalities connected with the Covid-19! Thanks to multidimensional adversities as a result of the lockdown, the Government sources put forth their pathetic plight due to unseen and unheard recession, economic slowdown and shutting down of all manufacturing units paving way to total loss of regular resources while on the other hand exhausting available funds for the welfare of less privileged citizens. image : The Economic Times However, this desperate situation on the part of the government leading to relaxation of complete lockdown measures has also given rise to a paradoxical condition which the health experts foresee bound to culminate into a much more