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BJP springs surprise in Karnataka and Telangana while draws blank in AP, TN and Kerala

  T he Bharatiya Janata Party has written new history in Karnataka , considered as the Gateway to South India by snatching 25 out of 28 Lok Sabha constituencies and managing to win from four seats in Telangana. However it has failed to register any win in either of the remaining South Indian states like Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and Kerala. Probably the biggest surprise for the saffron party today turned out to be Karnataka which bagged literally the whole state barring a mere two constituencies, one each to the Congress and JDS. The third seat was won by an Independent but supported by the BJP.Another noteworthy feature of today's results happened to be the total rout of veteran politicians and emergence of novices transforming out as new heroes on the political arena. HD Devegowda, former prime minister and Janata Dal Secular party supremo, Mallikarjun Kharge, leader of the Congress party group in the Lok Sabha, M Veerappa Moily, former chief minister and central minister, KH

BJP can bet only in Karnataka in the whole of South to bag some seats

BJP can bet only in Karnataka in the whole of South to bag some seats     T he whole of South India gives altogether a diversely different picture in comparison to the overall political scenario prevailing in North India and elsewhere. In a way but for Karnataka almost all other states by and large hint at a situation giving an indication in favor to the local regional parties rather than the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party at the Center. So for all practical purposes if at all the BJP has to rely upon for seats in the South it will only be from Karnataka. Thanks to the hitherto sworn enemies Janata Dal Secular-Indian National Congress joining hands to form a coalition government even the prospects of the saffron party are not that rosy as they used to appear earlier. image source Telangana for TRS: Any numbers of freebies to the electorate have enabled the Telangana Rashtra Samithi President and state Chief Minister continuously for the second time, Kalvakuntla Ch

IAD: A ray of hope to Lymphatic Filariasis patients

IAD: A ray of hope to Lymphatic Filariasis patients  I nstitute of Applied Dermatology (IAD) located at Kasargodu in Kerala is a prominent world renowned lymphoedema and integrative medicine skin hospital sought after by patients from across the country and South East Asian countries. The only such hospital in the whole of country provides relief and solutions by integrating Ayurveda,Homeopathy treatments,Yoga and many other traditional methods combined effectively with modern medicine. Thanks to more than two decades of Indo-European research and experience apart from treating more than 10,000 patients under its roof, IAD has blossomed from a miniscule clinic to the status of nation’s primary dermatology hospital. In fact the medical institute offers integrative treatment to various forms of skin related ailments like, lymphatic filariasis, vitiligo, psoriasis, lichen planus, wound care, wart and hemiplegia. IAD believes in clinical observation (investigation) as a prelude to f

Kerala tourism business limping back to normal as none have any time to think of conserving nature

Kerala tourism business limping back to normal as none have any time to think of conserving nature Thanks to promotional activities by the state government agencies tourism is gradually limping back to normal over a period of time in the state of Kerala.The way tourists,both domestic and international have started flocking the coastal state makes you wonder whether this was the same state which met with the century's unheard catastrophe just a couple of months back! Although the man made calamity took place on the night of Independence day and the tremors as a result of such traumatic experiences kept on being experienced almost for a month later it looks things have started improving for tourism in a very big way.At the same time the developments continue to reiterate that people in the business or those in the administration nor the political masters have least botheration about efforts to conserve nature. Interestingly just a couple of weeks ago the same tourist sit

Cochin airport now experienced enough to handle future flood situations'

Cochin airport now experienced enough to handle future flood situations' Cochin International Airport Limited(CIAL) in fact has carved a niche for itself by becoming the world's first fully solar energy powered airport.CIAL gained this accomplishment during May 2018 and the achievement was officially recognized and declared by United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) chief Erik Solheim.But the international airport which also earned the distinction of handling 10 million passengers in a year was at the receiving end within a few months.It was marooned during the August holocaust and had to be shut for 11 days! The flood situation in the state due to discharge of large quantum of waters from the Idukki dam is no strange phenomenon for the people of the state.A similar occasion arose during 1992 when the crest gates of the Idukki dam were opened for the first time.But luckily then there was no airport here and rightly the staff had literally no experience of handlin

Kerala exhibits great courage post flood havoc

Kerala exhibits great courage post flood havoc                         Looking back at the massive casualties,heavy loss to properties including landed,residential and commercial;had it been the case elsewhere it would have taken years together for the people to wake up from the fatal effects of the gruesome tragedy but not in Kerala.A whirlwind tour of the state for eight days proved the ground situation to be otherwise contrary to similar junctures in many other states. Going by the usual normal life as before unaffected in any manner due to the recent traumatic disaster was both surprising and shocking as a onlooker.The traffic on national and state highways,business in shops and commercial establishments,people moving around for their daily chores gave a sight as usual like much before in the terrifically thickly populated coastal state. Malayalis or Mallus as they are popularly referred to seem to be unperturbed by the devastating man made tragedy during Augu

Dams mismanagement,culprit to Kerala disaster

Dams mismanagement,culprit to Kerala disaster                             There could be any number of theories and logical reasons for the August 2018 disaster in God's own country apart from man's actions against nature.But persistent efforts to unravel the real causes leads you to the crucial task of failure of management of dams in the state,according to experts here and elsewhere. In fact Kerala has less number of huge dams in comparison to many such in the neighboring states but maintenance of the same has now been found to be terrifically unprofessional.The dams management seems to be a great worrisome factor here,feel many concerned citizens. In spite of more than a month being over after the century's big tragedy in the small state the blame game over the reasons behind still doesn't look to be far from over.An official from the Electricity board claims that the people living on the downstream were alerted much before the actual release of wa