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Remember, We All Grow Old With Time

Father's handprints Father had grown old and would take support of the wall while walking. As a result, the walls had discoloured, wherever he used to touch and his fingerprints got printed on the walls. My wife detected this and would often complain about the dirty-looking walls. One day, he was having a headache, so he massaged some oil onto his head. So while walking oil stains were formed on the walls. My wife screamed at me after seeing this. I in turn shouted at my father and spoke to him rudely, advising him not to touch the walls while walking. He looked hurt. I also felt ashamed of my behaviour but did not say anything to him. Father stopped holding the wall while walking. And fell down one day. He became bedridden and left us shortly. I felt guilt in my heart and could never forget his expressions and forgive myself for his demise shortly thereafter. After some time, we wanted to get our house painted. When the painters came, my son, who adored his grandfather, did not