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Saptasur: 100+ Months of Public Singing!

These days, who doesn't feel like humming a song? Thanks to innumerable options available on social networking sites to learn, recite and perform, there is no dearth of musical talents blooming on the net like never before. Earlier, only those with gifted talent could boast of singing in public, but not now. Saptasur is a city-based organization of cinema music buffs catering to the ever-growing demand for new singers, old and young on public platforms. The interesting part is that the singers of film songs have been doing so for more than 100+ months and continue to grow in big numbers! A full day devoted to singing: The group members usually meet on the third Sunday of the month in a hotel and admission to the performance program is on sharing the expenditure which works out to one+k and is inclusive of food, snacks and beverages. As there is a big list of singers, the selection is done based on a lottery whereby the lucky ones get the privilege of singing on the stage. In a wa