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Pet Owners Beware: Avoid Touching Cats At All

Pet owners beware, you could catch a superbug from just touching your dog or cat: Experts issue warning over the spread of drug-resistant illnesses. AVOID Having a pet dog is the best gift you can give a child. when they have a pet dog the dog goes outside and plays and becomes dirty and the kids get all that dirt. then they develop extraordinary body resistance and later allergies will not happen. Cats carry viruses that cause mental illnesses including schizophrenia absolutely avoid touching cats at all because mental illnesses have been found to happen by handling cats. Children till 6 years of age you must hug them as many times as far as possible keep hugging them loving them ..hug hug hug it is by hugging them till they are six years of age that you will cause emotional development to happen. if you don't do that they will become cold and unemotional. till they are six years of age,  keep hugging your children.                                                  Shift to nigh