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 We need to learn to live with the virus: Dr Angelique Coetzee

Dr Angelique Coetzee who first recognized the clinical symptoms of the Omicron variant of Covid-19 pandemic and realized that there was a new variant has warned that the there could be any number of sub variants of the Covid-19 pandemic on the way and has advised safety precautions like having booster dose, wear proper mask and refrain from large gatherings.                                                                               Dr Angelique Coetzee Closing borders not a solution: In a telephonic interview the South African Pretoria based private practitioner and immediate past chairperson of the South African Medical Association is categorical to state-“As the viruses have come to stay and traces of the same are found everywhere it may not be feasible or a right step to close the international borders. Such a measure may not be a wise move to tackle the problem at your doorsteps. It is also important to have additional booster vaccine dose, especially for people above the age