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Here 350 CC Royal Enfield Motorcycle Bullet Is The Deity!

Yes, definitely it looks very strange to believe, but you have no other choice rather to believe it after paying a visit to the pilgrimage shrine near Chotila village on the Pali-Jodhpur National Highway 65. It is well-known locally as the Om Banna Dham in memory of Om Singh Rathore, a folk deity. A visit by chance: Our visit to the interesting place was just by chance as we had neither heard of nor had any intentions to pay a visit to the same. Our taxi driver Dharmendra Gogawat of Gogawat Tour & Travels, Jaipur took us to the place on his initiative where we saw an interesting spot flocked by devotees, men and women; young and old paying their tributes to the two-wheeler and the accident victim in whose memory the temple has come in place. The bike keeps returning to the accident spot: According to Dharmendra Gogawat, Om Banna Thakur, a local sarpanch was riding his favourite 350 CC Royan Enfield motorcycle with the name board RNJ 7773, generally known as a Bullet on Barmer-Pali