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Relocating to a Nursing Home

"The workroom at St James's workhouse" from The Microcosm of London (1808). Do read this article. It is worth A lady (85 yrs old), is thinking of leaving Mumbai and shifting to a senior citizens colony near Pune. Her husband passed away many years ago. She educated and married her three daughters who are now US citizens. They have two kids each of who is now in High School/College. The lady herself travelled to the US many times on her own. She lived there for six months or more, on six occasions, when her daughters delivered babies. The other day, she became emotional and disclosed her plan to settle for assisted living in an old age home in Pune, and that she had no intention to go back to the US for reasons of her own. One can feel her emotions very strongly, as all of us may have to face the same dilema in our sunset years too. Please read the Article below. The lady was feeling the same way as the author of the Article, who has written this beautiful piece. This Art