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Black fungus: By-product of extinct social consciousness: Dr Deepak V. Haldipur

Black fungus, the new scare and of late the most debated problem is nothing else but a by-product of extinct social consciousness, exclaims Dr Deepak V. Haldipur, renowned ENT specialist widely revered for his expertise in handling Black fungus cases. Dr Deepak V Haldipur An alumnus of the reputed Bengaluru Medical College, Dr Deepak V. Haldipur is an internationally renowned ENT surgeon with more than three decades of experience in the field of Otorhinolaryngology, head and neck surgery. He holds the unique distinction of having handled the highest number of Black fungus cases in Karnataka. He is one of the foremost Indian ENT surgeons to master excellence in skull surgeries, both endoscopic anterior and lateral skull base. He is also a mentor surgeon for the Cochlear implant program for various institutions and hospitals. While an attempt was made to admit of me being an illiterate as far as the medical subject was concerned, he shot back: Yes, I am also an illiterate but for having