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Shishuvinahal: CM’s will triggers unprecedented tourism potential

Shishuvinahal or Shishunal of Shiggavi Taluk in the Haveri district is a sought-after place for pilgrims of Sant Shishuvinahal Sharif and his spiritual guru, Guru Govinda Bhatta. Shishunal Sharif is well known as a saint-poet, philosopher and social reformer while his philosophical verses have touched the hearts of admirers not only within the country but elsewhere also. Just like the revered Shri Shirdi Sai Baba, philosophical poet Sant Kabir, Sant Shishunal Sharif happens to be a rare gem going beyond the narrow limitations of caste, region and religion in spreading the significance of humanitarian values in one’s life. Miracles from childhood days: He was born on 03 July 1819 in Shishuvinahala village of the undivided Dharwad district and happened to be the only son and it is said that he was born late to his parents. Interestingly he bid adieu to the mortal life on 03 July. According to the local legend he is said to have been conceived as a result of divine blessings from the almi