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Today's Words: Tautology, Dovetail and Chockablock

Tautology (taw-tol-uh-jee) Noun needless repetition of an idea First recorded between 1570–80. A term in rhetoric. From Greek tautología, “repetition of something already said.” Examples of Tautology Her advice was to revert back to the original plan. This meeting is absolutely essential. I heard the news with my own ears. Dovetail (duhv-teyl) Verb to join or fit together compactly or harmoniously. More about Dovetail First recorded in 1555–65. So named from its shape. Examples of Dovetail The new software is designed to dovetail seamlessly with existing systems. Her plans dovetail nicely with his, making collaboration easy and efficient. Chockablock (chok-uh-blok) Adjective extremely full; crowded; jammed More about Chockablock First recorded in 1790–1800. Formed from chock “wedge” + –a- (connective) + block, “solid mass of wood.” Examples of Chockablock The shelves in the bookstore were chockablock with bestsellers and new releases. The festival grounds were chockablock with food sta