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Anand Bekwad dazzles with ‘Kashi Colours’ in Pune

Anand Bekwad is a fine arts artist born in Belagavi shifted and settled in Pune. His “Kashi Colours” art exhibition is currently underway at Raja Ravi Varma Art Gallery, Ghole Road Shivajinagar in Pune. Exhibition for charity: The interesting characteristic of Anand Bekwad’s ongoing exhibition “Kashi Colours” is that it is meant for charity purposes. It has been organized by Swanand, a not-for-profit organization striving for community development through education, youth development, health and women empowerment. He has rich experience in 2D and 3D Animation as a background artist, layout artist and Mat painter. Outdoor and art in nature: According to Anand Bekwad-“In this work of mine, I have tried to make outdoor art or art in nature different. I have created an abstract form in outdoor art taking bright colours, different shapes and lines to create a composition. In fact, I have painted 70-80 paintings in the Kashi series and have already held two exhibitions on this series at Kal