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Today's Words: Coadventure, Duplicitious and Eyesome

Coadventure (koh-uhd-ven-cher) Verb to share in an adventure. More about Coadventure First recorded in English between 1635–45. Formed from the prefix co+adventure.  Examples of Coadventure Sarah and Tom decided to coadventure through the Amazon rainforest, sharing every thrilling moment. They often coadventure to ancient ruins and archaeological sites, uncovering secrets of the past together. Duplicitous (doo-plis-i-tuhs) Adjective marked or characterized by duplicity More about Duplicitous First recorded between 1955–60. Formed from duplicity+-ous, a suffix forming adjectives with the general sense of “possessing, full of .” Examples of Duplicitous My duplicitous cat was purring sweetly while secretly plotting to knock over the vase. The politician’s duplicitous promises left voters wondering if he had taken acting lessons. Eyesome (ahy-suhm) adjective pleasant to look at. More about Eyesome First recorded in English between 1575–85. Formed from eye+-some  Examples of Eyesome The eye