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An Israeli Short Story On The Modern Way Of Treating Diseases

An Israeli short story on the modern way of treating diseases: I was on the stairwell and suddenly felt a tingling sensation in my left ear. My wife insisted that I see a doctor. The doctor looked at my ears in detail, took about half an hour to look up, and then told me that he was going to prescribe 6 penicillin tablets, which would clear the buildup in my left ear. Two days later, the itching was gone, and my left ear seemed to be reborn! The only thing that still affected my mood was that I had red spots on my abdomen that were extremely itchy and unbearable. I immediately went to see a dermatologist, who only glanced at me and said to me that some people are not suitable for taking penicillin, so they may have allergic reactions. Don't worry, just take 12 chlortetracycline pills and everything will be normal in a few days. Chlortetracycline had the desired effect and the spots disappeared. However, I developed swollen knees and a high fever. I staggered and dragged myself to