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Ms Urmila V.G’s ‘Closer’ exhibition dazzles with microscopic beauties

A visit to the ‘Closer’ exhibition and a close look at the exhibits by Ms Urmila V.G at Art Houz gallery in the city makes one feel whether he is visiting an art exhibition or 'art works' on a variety of cells? Although, initially you may get intrigued by such thoughts but once you go around to have a glimpse of all other woodcut prints on display you will be carried away by the delicate, intricate and microscopic beauties. Thanks to the impact of Covid-19: Just like the lives of people transforming in an unimaginable way, thanks to the Covid-19 Pandemic so has changed the outlook and perspective of many a people and artists’ are no exception to this phenomenon. The predicament on restrictions’ over movement of people due to lockdown and multiple phobias let loose on the eve of hitherto unheard disease triggered a different type of artistic instinct in Ms Urmila V.G to explore the detailed miniature forms. Plunge into a journey to cellular level: Ms Sandhya A., analysing the w

Chi Su Krishna Setty’s lifetime works enthralling

Chikkanayakanahalli Subbaraya Setty renowned as Chi Su Krishna Setty has displayed his lifetime works in an exhibition titled ‘The Realm of Manifestation Krishna Setty: A Retrospective’ at the National Gallery of Modern Art (NGMA) in the city. The exhibition is worth visiting for multiple reasons while the works on the show can be aptly described as nothing less than enthralling. From the entrance to many a gallery: As mentioned earlier, lifetime drawings, sketches, paintings, acrylic works, murals, and sculptures among many a other varieties have been rolled upon right from the entrance to the number of galleries, pathways, staircases and walls made available for the exhibition. Prof Babu Jattakar, Faculty Member-College of Fine Arts in Karnataka Chitra Kala Parishat, who has been keenly following the art path of this septuagenarian artist is highly appreciative of his care and concern in preserving his artworks intact even for over a half-century! He asserts-“Some of the drawings

Kalal Laxma Goud bags MS Nanjundarao memorial national award

The Karnataka Chitra Kala Parishat has chosen renowned national artist Padma Shree Kalal Laxma Goud of Telangana for the late MS Nanjundarao memorial national award, in the memory of the first Founder Secretary. The prestigious honour includes Rs one lakh cash and a citation.                                                                                      Kalal Laxma Goud                                                                                          Image Source Annual sought-after event: It may be recalled here that the Karnataka Chitra Kala Parishat, the pioneer art institution of the state has been honouring five distinguished artists of repute every year on the eve of the annual and sought-after signature event Chitra Santhe, an exhibition cum sale of paintings and artefacts of around 1,300 artists across the state and country.                                                                                     Karnataka Chitra Kala Parishat                         

Veenadhari Institute's debut award 'Kaladhari' goes to Ms Nanditha Kannan

Veenadhari has taken a lot of initiatives to promote the cause of Music & Dance across the world. Kaladhari Award is instituted with main intention of motivating & encouraging upcoming & promising artists among younger lot in the field of Music & Dance.   Nanditha Kannan, a young & upcoming Carnatic Classical Vocalist from Chennai has been Chosen to receive the Kaladhari Award from Veenadhari for the year 2022. Thanks to Mrs.Anuradha Madhusudan. Ms.Nanditha Kannan  Nanditha Kannan is studying in her 12th grade at the Padma Seshadri Bhavan, but has come a long way in learning Carnatic classical music. Maybe, she is just in her teens from an age point of view. However, if, you happen to glance at her accomplishments so far perhaps you may have to rethink your opinion. Learning begins at the age of four: Nanditha Kannan’s grooming into Carnatic classical vocal music began at the tender age of four years. In fact, her initial vocal training began with her mother Laksh

Mahadeva Shetty KC family holds Varna Siri exhibition

Artist Mahadeva Shetty KC is holding an art exhibition ‘Varna Siri’ along with his artist wife Ms. Madhavi ML, and artist daughter Ms. Rachita M. Shetty at the Bengaluru Art Gallery of Yuva Patha in Jayanagar, Bengaluru. The 15 days exhibition began on the state formation day 01 November. Art, culture, and heritage: The exhibition on the eve of Rajyotsava celebrations is also coupled with the theme of highlighting the art, culture, and heritage of the state. Hence, Mahadeva Shetty KC presents paintings depicting ancient monuments while Ms. Madhavi ML exhibits are of fading leather puppets in a picturesque way. Ms. Rachita M. Shetty’s paintings are based on realistic antique pieces. Treat to the eyes: The paintings of Mahadeva Shetty KC are literally a visual treat. At times one gets confused as to whether they are paintings or photographs as the choice of colors enriches the quality of monumental structures. Paintings of leather puppets by Ms. Madhavi ML are a feast with primary colo

A Tribute to Mahatma by MS Murthy on the eve of Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsava

Dr. MS Murthy recently presented an exhibition themed ‘Gandhi-75’ on the eve of 75th-year celebrations of Indian independence at the Karnataka Chitra Kala Parishat here drew applause from the art fraternity, connoisseur and the general public. A well-known art personality:  Dr. MS Murthy is a well-known name in the art circles, both in the state and country as well. He was the Chairman of the Karnataka Lalit Kala Academy from 2015-17. Apart from being a curator for art shows, he is also known in literary circles as an art critic and author. 75 paintings of Gandhi:  In the ‘Gandhi-75’ exhibition he presented, as the title itself suggests there were 75 paintings of several sizes right from miniature form and up to life-size ones. It also covered various moods, incidents, and reminiscences of the father of the nation. I believe in Gandhi's vision:  You may be rightly wondering why an exhibition of 75 paintings of Gandhi. It could be a coincidence on the eve of the 75th anniversary of

H Jayadeva’s visual treat to Soundarya Lahari

Hunasagahalli Jayadeva, an octogenarian veteran artist recently displayed as he fondly prefers to call his philosophical form of art, a visual tribute and treat to Soundarya Lahari at the Karnataka Chitra Kala Parishat here. Art penance for a quarter century: Perhaps, his sustained patience, incessant enthusiasm and non-stop working for a little over a period of 25 years by itself to come out with this mega exhibition of 107 paintings is nothing else but mind boggling. But what appears amazing is his simple, humble and unassuming submission: “I have only tried to reflect my thoughts and understanding of the great poetic rendering in praise of divine mother in the form of these paintings”. Right eye is the sun , left eye is the moon,  third eye little reddish in effect. Days, weeks, months and years: If you ask him on the numbers of days he devoted to start drawing and completing each painting, you shall only be awestruck: “Maybe, I haven’t kept a count on them as the periods kept on va

KB Kulkarni provides a feast of water colours’

Senior artist KB Kulkarni has presented a solo painting exhibition at the KGLD Arts Gallery at Hoysalanagar, Sunkadakatte in the city. The exhibition which began on 27 February is on till 06 March. KBK, as he is popularly known in close circles will be turning 76 soon. Yet, the advanced age is no bar for continuing his favourite passion, playing with the water colours’. Landscapes in water colours’ in abundance: Although the exhibition is a conflux of a variety of works including oil paintings, the ones in acrylic and the abstract forms, landscapes in water colours’ seem to outnumber the remaining drawings. Even in the water colours’, the ruins, mountain terrain and the locations having a connection with the great epics dominate. Paintings on Naku Tanti: However, what perhaps needs to be lauded is his keen interest and enthusiasm in doing a couple of paintings on Naku Tanti, a collection of poems that bagged the coveted Jnana Peeth award to legendary poet Da. Ra. Bendre. He takes prid