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Tumakuru:Coconut grove poised for another fierce battle

Tumakuru:Coconut grove poised for another fierce battle Tumakuru is a district place and the district headquarters is just about an hour's drive from the state capital.It's also popularly known as 'Kalpataru Nadu' due to majority of the farming lands boasting of Coconut plantations all over along with Arecanut. But the once upon lush green terrain which was a feast to the eyes is now only a glory of the past as these days you only find a pathetic sight of the other kind.Thanks to failing rainy season,over exploitation of underground water and migration of people to smart cities dried up plantations makes your heart burn. Just like in other areas of the state all Taluk places are a witness of mushrooming of legal and illegal layouts on the once fertile agricultural fields on all possible directions.The others who still want to remain attached with peasantry are literally found struggling amidst a lot of adverse conditions. Well apart from such conditions