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Thanks to Breakthrough Advances; Most Diabetics can be Cured

Irrespective of various theories surrounding blood sugar levels, the increasing numbers and treatment methodologies and systems, a ray of hope these days is the changed scenario that by and large most of Diabetics can be cured. Here is what our learned Doctor has to say on the same: HbA1c - Glycosylated Hemoglobin: A normal A1C level is below 5.7%, and a level of 5.7% to 6.4% indicates prediabetes. and a level of 6.5% or more indicates diabetes. Within the 5.7% to 6.4% prediabetes range, the higher your A1C, the greater your risk is for developing type 2 diabetes. What Can Affect Your A1C Result? The A1C test—also known as the Hemoglobin A1C or HbA1c test—is a simple blood test that measures your average blood sugar levels over the past 3 months. It’s one of the most commonly used tests to diagnose prediabetes and diabetes and is also the main test to help you and your healthcare team manage your diabetes. Higher A1C levels are linked to diabetes complications, so reaching and mainta