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Coolie Donates 11 Bicycles To School going Students

Anjaneya Malkandinni is a humble coolie of Malkandinni village in Deodurg Taluk in Raichuru district of Karnataka state. He struggles to make ends meet by working on daily wages. But his predicament hasn't deterred him from thinking and acting big, a difficult proposition of chewing more than one could. These days he is making headlines for his novel gesture of donating 11 bicycles to needy students of his village. From his earnings: Well, you may naturally wonder from where he mustered the huge amount to buy and donate the 11 bicycles. Your doubts are genuine, but at the same time, you may have to believe that he managed them all with his hard-earned money totalling around Rs 60,000/-. Why bicycles were donated: In fact, the free bicycle scheme to the state government school-going girl students was introduced by B S Yediyurappa when he was the chief minister in 2006-07. Initially, the scheme was meant only for the girl students. But, within a year the scheme became so popular