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Innovative farmer Sripati Patil’s Alepakh recipe has become a sought-after delicacy

Sripati Patil was too humble a farmer and a native of Mutaga on the outskirts of Belagavi district headquarters in Karnataka with a couple of acres of farmland. Had he remained to continue so restricting his activities to the meagre land holdings and home, he would have gone into oblivion as another traditional land tiller struggling to make both ends meet. But, no he wasn’t into the run-of-the-mill mindset and believed in trying, upgrading and innovating and all these efforts paid him rich dividends in a very big way. The Alepakh recipe he developed is now 47 years old and has become a mouth-watering delicacy to quench the taste buds of Belagavi residents and all those who keep visiting the city. Own crops become products: Initially, Sripati Patil ventured into business in a small way by selling Sugarcane juice with the cane grown in his own fields. Gradually and over a period of time he started making puffed rice and flattened rice from the Paddy grown in his own fields. Then, by add