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INDIA comes into being, to take NDA head-on

Bengaluru, the capital city of Karnataka popularly renowned as the Silicon Valley of the country, Science city, the hub of public sector undertakings, and Garden City… boasts any number of such distinctions to its credit. The cosmopolitan cultured paradise for the whole countrymen is much ahead in making history as well. The combined opposition parties’ conclave which began on Monday and concluded today is a testimony of the city’s nature in stepping into the pages of political history. Division of Congress: Apart from the pre-independent era Bengaluru has been in the history pages for a variety of reasons. The Indian National Congress for record sake split for the first time at the Lal Bagh glass house in the city. Thanks to S Nijalingappa, a towering personality and an honest politician in the literal sense and his like-minded friends in the Congress trying to have an upper hand on the party paved the way for a split in 1969. The game plan of the old men was revealed to the then Pri