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Please Don’t Open Your Car Trunk From Inside

On my way home today from Navi Mumbai to Malad at around 8:15 pm, as soon as I took a right turn from WEH going towards Malad Station, a policeman signalled me to stop. As I stopped, he asked me to open the trunk of the car. I opened the trunk from inside and was about to step down, but the policeman said, “OK OK You may go.” I started my car and started driving, but something struck my mind, as from my rearview mirror, I saw one of the policemen immediately on his phone. I went a bit ahead took the service road and found a good street light stopped my car on the side. Switching off the engine I went and opened my car trunk physically. Guess what !!! ... I was shocked to see two small zip-lock pouches with white crystals inside. It was numbed on the pouch ... but just decided to throw it away and thanked God for saving me from such rascals who would have caught me in a drug-related case .. trying to extort a huge amount from me to stop the case. The policemen must have informed t