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Sri Vilwadrinatha Temple Thiruvilwamala: An abode of Rama, Lakshmana, Hanuman, Ganapathy and Ayyappan

Kerala, the small coastal state looks to be a bundle of never-ending series of surprises, shocks and wonders. If North Kerala dominated by the Muslim community boasts of a region cynosure of luxurious mosques, so are the Central and Southern parts with heritage Hindu shrines and churches. The only difference is that the good old temples, but the Guruvayur, Shabarimala and Padmanabhswamy temples continue to remain old fashioned. However, the mosques and churches wear a modern look in terms of structures and grandeur. Faithfuls galore and so do Comrades: But what continues to remain a perplexing puzzle is that despite people belonging to all three three faiths adhering to their religious practices and beliefs also become hardcore comrades when it comes to politics. In spite of sharp differences in the public stances, there is no dearth of intra-religious marriages which keep happening throughout the year contradictory to the divergent views prevailing across the country. An abode of Ram