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ELECTION WATCH 2024: NDA 384 Seats (Plus or Minus 10 Seats)

ELECTION WATCH 2024: Our Revised FINAL FORECAST and THE BIG Takeaways from this 2024 Loksabha Elections : Based On Our Analysis BJP/NDA is Bouncing Back to Power Once Again With An Improved Mandate. Going by the numbers given by the ECI for the last 6 phases our team foresee a total of 641000000 (rounded up figure) voters exercising their franchise this time around by the end of 7th phase Polling will be completed on 01st June 2024 late evening. Our Forecasts Remain the Same for BJP 334 Seats (Plus or Minus 10 Seats) NDA 384 Seats (Plus or Minus 10 Seats) Following Are The Big Takeaways. NDA NOT Crossing 399 Seats. BJP is NOT crossing 349 seats or going below 319 seats under any circumstances. BJP is increasing its votes and seats in all the zones but in the West zone they are just holding on to their seats and votes have not increased..the infographics for BJP and Congress Seats Forecast will be sent along with this. Congress 55 Seats (Plus or Minus 10 Seats) Congress will Not be Cros