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Remember, We All Grow Old With Time

Father's handprints Father had grown old and would take support of the wall while walking. As a result, the walls had discoloured, wherever he used to touch and his fingerprints got printed on the walls. My wife detected this and would often complain about the dirty-looking walls. One day, he was having a headache, so he massaged some oil onto his head. So while walking oil stains were formed on the walls. My wife screamed at me after seeing this. I in turn shouted at my father and spoke to him rudely, advising him not to touch the walls while walking. He looked hurt. I also felt ashamed of my behaviour but did not say anything to him. Father stopped holding the wall while walking. And fell down one day. He became bedridden and left us shortly. I felt guilt in my heart and could never forget his expressions and forgive myself for his demise shortly thereafter. After some time, we wanted to get our house painted. When the painters came, my son, who adored his grandfather, did not

Pejawar Swamiji: An embodiment of service, sacrifice and dedication to the community and society

Sri Sri Vishwesha Theertha Sreepadaru , 32nd pontiff of the renowned Pejawar Adokshaja Mutt, one of the eight Mutts founded by Madhwacharya here was a rare religious personality in comparison to the present day run of mill Swamijis’. In that way it’s no exaggeration if one comes to the conclusion that the state and nation has lost a true son in the demise of the great Seer.   Vishwesha Theertha Sreepadaru The Pejawar Mutt Swamiji was truly a multifaceted personality who dared to transgress the physical boundaries of his Mutt and travelled across the country to spread Lord Krishna’s teachings of love and brotherhood among fellow beings. He had multiple titles to his credit including like the ones’, “Maha Santha(Great Saint), Madhwa Mata Pracharaka(Madhwa Philosophy Propagator), Hindu Kula Tilaka(The Ornament of Hindus), Apratima Jnani(Amazingly knowledgeable person) among many a other.By the passing away of the 88 years old Seer it looks like a glorious chapter in the annals

Karnataka BJP's first president AK Subbaiah passes away

V eteran politician Ajjikutteera Kariyappa Subbaiah passed away here today at a private hospital. He was 83 years old. Photo : Deccan Herald He was the first president of the state Bharatiya Janata Party and during his stint as a Member of the state Legislative Council had become a nightmare for the R Gundurao led Congress party government in the state during the early eighties. He had exposed many a corruption scandal of the ministers in the Congress ministry and was responsible for the resignation of many ministers. AK Subbaiah was well-known for his firebrand speeches unleashing terror in the minds of corrupt Congressmen of his time.At a juncture when AB Vajpayee was regarded as Akhil Bharatiya Vajpayee so was AK Subbaiah as Akhil Karnataka Subbaiah. Thanks to his terrific homework in unravelling the hidden undercover deals of those in power, he was responsible for taking the saffron party to a new high in the minds of the people and had almost become a household name acro

Sushma Swaraj: Ballari loses her daughter

Sushma Swaraj's relations and personal equations with the people of Ballari district in Karnataka were unique in multiple ways, to such an extent that now a feeling persists in their minds as though they have lost their daughter in the passing away of Ms Swaraj! The former Union External Affairs Minister developed a close rapport with the people of Ballari district, notoriously known for the mining mafia and destruction of natural resources, during the late nineties. She came down to Ballari, way back during the fag end of 1999 to take head-on Sonia Gandhi in the Parliamentary polls. Interestingly, Sonia Gandhi had filed her nomination papers from Ballari Lok Sabha constituency apart from Raybareli, the family's traditional bastion in Uttar Pradesh. Ballari district, ever since the country gained independence had transformed itself into a fortress of the Indian National Congress(INC) party. This taken for a granted fact was so much omnipotent that Congressmen used to joke