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Pune Senior Citizens Become Role Models

The senior citizen forum of Silver Coin Appartments, Dhayari in Pune, decided to celebrate the ensuing Diwali in a new way. The project is named Narakasur wadha, of course in a totally new form through clearing the e-waste and unwanted waste stored in their homes. Space, a new problem: The demon Narakasur was first killed and then began the festival of lights, that is Deepawali. You all know that space is a problem in all households and offices, in all metros. Charity begins at home: The space utilization program thus took its new birth. As the saying goes that charity begins at home, the senior citizens decided in their Wednesday weekly meeting that each member should take up cleaning their flat by removing unwanted waste stored by them. Four days' deadline: Their first concentration was to give a call to keep e-waste, plastic waste and waste clothes, be kept in clean parking slots. The time given was four days and to the amazement of all, one dumper carried one ton of e-waste