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For Tomorrow : Immunity is Priority and Not Vaccination: Dr Devan PP

"I have not taken a Covid-19 vaccine, although everyone in my hospital has taken it" , claimed Dr Devan PP, currently Professor and Head of the Department of ENT at AJ Institute of Medical Sciences and Research Centre, Mangaluru. In a candid interaction with this correspondent, he dispelled many notions in practice ever since the globe has been hit by the worst ever pandemic. He is of the firm opinion that in the present scenario it's building up your immune system while simultaneously adhering to necessary precautions which matters the most. Image source: India Today, 11th May 2021 To persistent queries, if so what about the mammoth exercise underway to vaccinate the whole country, he blasts: "The present vaccines are not for a separate variant of the virus. And till now we are noticing multiple variants quite active all over. If the vaccines alone were enough to curtail the viral load, then how come you don't have one for HIV"? Dr Devan PP Dr Devan PP has

Paediatric Infrastructure: Need of the Hour to Face Third Wave-Dr V Ravi

W hile the country is literally struggling in managing to face the challenges thrown open up by the multiple variants of the mutated Covid-19 virus, health experts are pressing to gear up the paediatric health infrastructure in order to withstand the onslaught of the Third Wave. image: Dr V Ravi, renowned virologist popularly well-known as Virus Ravi or NIMHANS Ravi is categorical: The size of the Third wave is much small. As India is a huge country with 30 crore children we need to panic about the health care facilities, infrastructure and paediatric ventilation... ...Resumption of schools or interruption should be the subjects we should start discussing now. Since schools are super spreading venues for the virus, this is high time we begin to discuss issues pertaining to the subject at least now, he warns. We are amidst the second wave. But we cannot tend to forget the grave fact that already 2,500 kids were killed in Brazil. Taking cognisance of the Third wave with