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 We need to learn to live with the virus: Dr Angelique Coetzee

Dr Angelique Coetzee who first recognized the clinical symptoms of the Omicron variant of Covid-19 pandemic and realized that there was a new variant has warned that the there could be any number of sub variants of the Covid-19 pandemic on the way and has advised safety precautions like having booster dose, wear proper mask and refrain from large gatherings.                                                                               Dr Angelique Coetzee Closing borders not a solution: In a telephonic interview the South African Pretoria based private practitioner and immediate past chairperson of the South African Medical Association is categorical to state-“As the viruses have come to stay and traces of the same are found everywhere it may not be feasible or a right step to close the international borders. Such a measure may not be a wise move to tackle the problem at your doorsteps. It is also important to have additional booster vaccine dose, especially for people above the age

Covid-19: Suicides continue to haunt Pune citizens

C oronavirus pandemic continues to make a devastating effect on the lives of all sorts of people in the society here and elsewhere across the globe. Although the alarming situation is coming close to normal in a handful of countries, back home the conditions appear scary from bad to worst. After successful implementation of 1:0 and 2:0 lockdown periods throughout the country, the countrymen sighed a heave of relief that the numbers of infections and casualties were far behind such figures in the United States, Italy and many other Western countries.But such a feeling appeared to be an initial mirage while the real big danger was closely, wickedly watching from behind. And the fellow countrymen did little to disprove the deadly killer virus wrong. Once the lockdown measures began to be withdrawn slowly, migrant labourers, students, tourists and others stranded across the country started to make a beeline toward their native places. Perhaps this was the initial phase for the Coronavirus

Covid-19: It's your life, so take care of yourself, advise Doctors

P robably there is nothing that people haven't discussed, shared and debated about the deadly Coronavirus pandemic ever since the first lockdown 1:0 was imposed across the country from 24 March onwards. However, irrespective of what is being pondered over and exchanged over SMSes, WhatsApp and similar social networking sites and in-person not much seems to have changed at the public behaviour in general! The same sort of opinion holds good with those in the administration and the political bosses adorning power seats. There seems to be no rationale between what is being publicly perceived and practised at large. Day in and day out the local, regional, state and central governments continue to bombard the people on what all that needs to be done to keep the Coronavirus at bay. On the contrary, the same authorities continue to act paradoxically giving little credence to their own oft-repeated public pronouncements. Much worse, every public activity, civic, public and business have al

Covid-19 hits a fatal stroke to less fortunate mortals

T he living animals market of Wuhan province in China generated deadly killer Coronavirus pandemic was brought under control in the country it was originated within 3-4 months of its occurrence. But its fatal tentacles spread like wildfire across the globe developing itself into a nightmare to the human race on earth. Thanks to the callousness of the men in power the citizens of the United States, Italy and many other Western and European countries faced the brunt by sacrificing many of their fellow beings. Interestingly India initially boasted of a very good situation in combating the epidemic in terms of loss of human lives. In comparison to many other so-called well developed industrious nations boasting of tremendous GDP growth and most modern medical infrastructure, India, on the contrary with the least possible health facilities braved the onslaught of the viral menace with a lesser rate of infections and negligible numbers of casualties going by the big size of the population

Relaxing of lockdown will lead to spurt in Covid-19 cases, warn health experts

W hen the whole world is embroiled and perplexed with the challenges entangled in combating the deadly China originated Coronavirus pandemic the country is now faced with the woes of relaxing lockdown stipulations. Interestingly these measures are being thought of when there is a gradual surge in the number of infections and fatalities connected with the Covid-19! Thanks to multidimensional adversities as a result of the lockdown, the Government sources put forth their pathetic plight due to unseen and unheard recession, economic slowdown and shutting down of all manufacturing units paving way to total loss of regular resources while on the other hand exhausting available funds for the welfare of less privileged citizens. image : The Economic Times However, this desperate situation on the part of the government leading to relaxation of complete lockdown measures has also given rise to a paradoxical condition which the health experts foresee bound to culminate into a much more

Covid-19 casualties to be less post lockdown say, experts

T hanks to lifting down of stringent measures as part of the preventive action for the containment of the deadly Coronavirus pandemic the decision has given ample scope for divergent views about the pros and cons of the same. image: Deccan Herald Probably what has gone unnoticed is the plain fact that the killer virus originating from Wuhan, the capital city of the Hubei province in Central China with a population of 1.1 crore despite rattling the country of origin and spreading like a wildfire elsewhere didn’t have any devastating effect initially in India.But that solace was only short-lived. It was a different situation once people of Indian origin visiting other countries slowly started heading to their home country individually and in big groups. These foreign returnees were the prime suspects as they were the first reported infection cases. Later most of the foreign nationals attending the Tablighi Jamat Markaz visiting different parts of the country became the official c