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Complacency against Covid-19 Norms May Prove Dangerous: Dr SL Hoti

T he tendency to ignore all guidelines promulgated to contain the spread of Covid-19 mutated strains may not augur well for the overall welfare of society. Moreover, any complacency in adhering to the set norms may only worsen the predicament leading to difficult situations to handle, fear Dr SL Hoti, currently ICMR-Emeritus Scientist at ICMR-Vector Research Centre, Puducherry. As of now, the number of positive cases looks to dropping hinting at the flattening of the curve. But unless 70-80 per cent of the population is vaccinated and the country boasts of having developed herd immunity, the general public by and large continue to remain susceptible. Hence, it's advisable that people continue to adhere to the norms of wearing a mask, sanitizing apart from maintaining social distance, he cautions. A former Director-in-Charge Scientist G of ICMR-National Institute of Traditional Medicine(NITM)[Formerly RMRC], Belagavi, Dr SL Hoti is categorical when it comes to the present vaccine pr

Covid-19 Vaccine: Myths, Facts and Where India Stands?

T he whole country is embroiled over the Covid-19 vaccine scenario. There's not much difference on the ground situation, irrespective of the states or Union Territories. People continue to grumble on the paucity of these vaccines and many of them are still sweating even to have the first dose itself. Soon after the first wave and once vaccines started to pile out from the laboratories, it's altogether an adverse condition. As we love to figure out politics in everything, the vaccine was no exception. So-called leaders of different parties, state and national felt it the right time to hurl abuses at the government and the Prime Minister. They went to the extent of declaring it to be "Modi and BJP Vaccine", swearing publicly against getting it injected. People apolitical too got confused and perplexed in the melee. But by then the manufacturing process was in full swing. The patented companies had pumped in huge investments over the exercise. Thanks to the initial reluc