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Karnataka: Congress False Promises Fall Flat

The ruling Indian National Congress (INC) party looks like having stumbled in implementing the poll promises and guarantees made at the time of the Karnataka Assembly elections 2023. Perhaps, in its hurry to come to power hook or crook the party managers never ever thought of the later consequences in the event of assuming the driver's seat. Not all promises can be fulfilled: Chief Minister Siddaramaiah himself admitted on the floor of the house that all promises are not meant to be implemented. He also claimed to assure what not before the polls but it doesn't mean that all the promises need to be fulfilled! By admitting that he proved all tall talk before any polls are only for public consumption and not for implementation. A look at the five guarantees: Let us have a glance at the five guarantees made by the ruling party before the polls: *200 Units of Free Power supply. *Rs 2,000/- every month to the woman head of the family. *10 kg of Free rice to all members of a BPL fam