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Karnataka: BJP wins floor test; Speaker quits, challenges remain

The BS Yeddyurappa led Bharatiya Janata Party state government won the vote of confidence motion by a voice vote this morning and later also sought approval for the finance bills. However, the smooth proceedings also became an eyewitness to the exit of KR Rameshkumar from the position of Assembly Speaker. Today, the much-awaited vote of confidence motion in the BJP government was approved without any hassles. Thanks to the 105 members strength of the ruling party and the opposition Indian National Congress(INC) and Janata Dal-Secular(JD-S) parties' combined strength of 99 apart from the Speaker, there was no doubt about the saffron party making it through. One Independent MLA who resigned as a minister is also supporting the BJP now. In fact, Karnataka Assembly has a total strength of 224 elected members while one person is nominated from the Anglo-Indian community. But the nominated member has no rights to vote during the crucial vote of confidence. As 14 Congress and three JD

Karnataka: SC order shatters alliance government

 T oday's interim judgement of the three members divisional bench headed by Chief Justice Ranjan Gogoi, directing the Karnataka Assembly Speaker to act upon the resignation letters submitted by the 15 dissident Janata Dal-Secular and Indian National Congress(INC) MLAs' within a timeframe has come out as a big blow to the coalition government while providing relief to the disgruntled legislators. The apex court has also ruled out that the resignations of the 15 MLAs' have to be taken into cognisance by the speaker in accordance with the provisions of section 190 of the constitution but however, has refused to insist on a specific timeframe. There were celebration moods and a big sigh of relief amidst the dissident legislators' presently confining themselves within the Mumbai luxury hotel. A video has been released on behalf of all the 15 dissident MLAs', welcoming the apex court's judgement.At the same time, they have also told in clear terms that none of them