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Karnataka: Government, Party and CM change but pathetic plight of floodwaters victims worsens further!

I t's exactly 56 days since the BS Yediyurappa led Bharatiya Janata Party(BJP) government came into existence but the plight of tens of thousands of floodwater victims in the Northern districts continues to worsen with no indications of the situation changing for better. The devastation due to incessant heavy rains is not limited to the Northern Karnataka alone. Many districts of the old Mysuru, Coastal and Malnad region have also experienced the fury of rain God in the worst possible manner. But succour to the people in distress continues to elude like a distant mirage. Interestingly and unfortunately this happens to be a sad state of affairs in spite of the same party government, both at the state level as well as in the centre.The state Bharatiya Janata Party(BJP) had all along been propagating for the same party governments at the state and centre. Such drum beating was no less during the previous general elections to the state Assembly during May 2018 polls. In spite of