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ECG And Treadmill Tests Not Useful To Check Heart Blockage.

Key learnings 1) ECG and treadmill tests are not useful to check heart blockage. CT coronary scan is a much better test which involves injecting a coloured liquid into the heart and checking flow within the heart. Doctors recommend angiography which is more complex 2) All oils are equally bad for health. Good quality oil only reduces the risk by a mere 2% 3) There are no symptoms of heart blockage until it reaches 80% blockage. 4) Every 10 seconds one person dies in India of a heart attack. It is very prevalent due to lifestyle and food 5) Non-veg food as well as milk and milk products (including Paneer, curd and ghee that Ayurveda recommends) are bad for the heart. If you have to take milk it has to be fat-free 6) There is no healthy heart oil. The government has banned ads that claim healthy hearts. 7) food ko taste oil se nahi masale se milta hai. Masala Paani se bhi bhuna Jaa sakta hai (watch in the video how to do zero oil cooking) 8) Dal, roti, rice, and millet have enou