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Modi...Modi slogans irk alliance leaders to stoop too low in their public diatribe

T he panic buttons within the alliance partners in the state appear to have been switched on their own if you were to lend your ears to the angry outbursts of the Janata Dal Secular and Congress party leaders at public meetings across the state. Thanks to the cheering crowd of youths raising slogans like Modi...Modi... wherever the JDS-Congress leaders go it's becoming very difficult for the latter to relish,forget digest the slogans showering heap of praises on Prime Minister Narendra Modi. image HD Kumaraswamy,Chief Minister became annoyed and perplexed during his visit to South Canara,the coastal district where he was greeted with chants like Modi...Modi.. by the local youth. It may be recalled here that the entire coastal belt comprising of South Canara,Udupi and North Canara districts by and large are typical saffron bastions ever since early eighties. So it was but for natural for the chief minister in not relishing the sloganeering praising the

Sumalatha set in to create history from Mandya ?

S umalatha,multilingual film star turned Independent candidate from Mandya Lok Sabha constituency has become subject matter for hot discussion in political circles these days while the mammoth turn out of fans during her filing of nomination papers last week has sent shock waves to the top brass of ruling Janata Dal Secular party. image source : All these days she had preferred to be in the side wings of main stream politics as long as her late husband,actor MH Ambareesh played an active role.But after his demise a few months back,just like typical movie style she declared her intention of plunging into real politics only to serve the people of Mandya.Her defense for such a sudden decision was:The local people have heaped tremendous love,faith and affection to Ambareesh during his life time and the same was replicated in multiple folds when he passed away.Perhaps the only way to pay it back is to seek an opportunity to serve them. On the face