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Organic Food as Medicine, need of the hour: Ravindra Prasad

Ravindra Prasad is a big name in Silicon Valley and worldwide, thanks to his multiple backgrounds in Transcendental Meditation and the Art of Living. He had an amazingly successful stint with the Art of Living founded by Sri Sri Ravishankar Guruji as Chairman, Managing Trustee globetrotting as a Corporate Guru and Trainer. Now, he has completely left behind the earlier trodden paths to venture into wellness being. As a Business Consultant of Weefa (Weefa Wellness Solutions Private Limited), he is making strides in the food market with the sole aim of consuming food as medicine. He has already treaded a long way so far in this direction, but the journey looks to be too long. Here, in a freewheeling interaction, he looks back makes introspection and explains his vision forward.  image source: Excerpts of the interview: Q: You have been associated with alternative systems to Allopathy for curing and healing ailments. Can you recall your journey in this direction? Ravindra Pra