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Just leave it. It is a wonderful sentence. If we know the value of it, we won’t be suffering as much as we do in our lives. The principle of JUST LEAVE IT ( Worth Practicing) - Try convincing a person once or twice. If he or she refuses to get convinced, Just Leave it - When the children grow up and make their own decisions, do not impose, Just Leave it - Your frequency doesn't match with everyone in life. If you can't connect with someone, Just Leave it - After a certain age if someone criticises you, don't get upset, Just Leave it - When you realise that nothing is in your hands, stop worrying about others and the future, Just Leave it - When the gap between your wish list and your capabilities increases, stop self-expectations, Just Leave it - Everyone's path of life, size of life, quality of life is different, so stop comparing, Just Leave it - When life has given you such a wonderful treasure of experience, stop counting your daily earnings, Just Leave it - If this