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Walking God Shri Siddeshwar Swamiji Stops His Walk Abruptly

Shri Siddeshwara Swamiji of the revered Jnana Yogashram in Vijayapura district headquarters and popularly referred to as a Walking God, Buddhi (a learned person), Apparu (Father) and Ajjaru (Grandpa) has succeeded in having his own choice to give up walking in the mortal world. The seer’s resolve has been against the desperate wishes and prayers of thousands of disciples, followers and well-wishers not just in his home state of Karnataka but elsewhere across the globe. An accident fall becomes the villain: Sometime back the seer had an accidental fall in the bathroom of a disciple’s farmhouse. The fall led to fracturing one of his legs. After a few days, the Mutt sources made a public announcement stating that the pontiff is recovering from the injury. Now it has turned out that the media release was just an eyewash to console devotees from thronging to the Ashram premises to inquire about his health. The same exercise was done in recent weeks as well in vain as thousands of people ke